Reflex Integration

Using a range of modalities which include: Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI), MNRI, Brain Gym – I can offer Retained Reflex Assessment, brain stimulation and reflex integration. By promoting positive changes through gentle movement we can identify the possible roots of challenges…

Course Instructor

Thinking about becoming a RMT consultant? We offer training for L1 and L2 RMT, RMT for School Readiness, and RMT for Rhythm, Movement and Play, L3 RMT and Making Connections. 6 of the 7 core courses in RMTi. Courses are run on a cyclical basis, typically over a weekend. I also travel internationally to train in other countries.

Talks and Presentations

The length and content of the talks can be varied for the chosen audience, and focus of interest. Particularly framed around efficient brain development, and the role that reflexes and movement play in the process.

Reflex Reports

I offer reports for educational support purposes after identifying the extent of retained reflexes influencing an individual’s function.

QRI - Quantum Reflex Integration

Using the power of Low Level Light Therapy and Sound, to stimulate reflex integration and brain stimulation from a cellular level.

Mentoring and Support

For people training in RMT, or for individuals who have trained in RMT, and are using it to aid in their personal, or child’s well-being and development and they don’t have easy access to a qualified therapist, near-by.

Safe and Sound Protocol - SSP

SSP is a listening program that has been developed by Dr Stephen Porges (, to work on facilitating balance to the Autonomic Nervous System. It is a non-invasive way of applying the Polyvagal Theory after decades of research. It supports the bottom-up approach to better regulation in the nervous system.