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Gaynor Ralls - Neurodevelopmental therapist

Gaynor Ralls

Specialisation: RMTi
Email: gaynor@rallsrmt.co.uk
Phone: 07863 223287

I am Gaynor Ralls, an educational therapist, based in Woking. As a qualified teacher, with 20 years teaching experience, I have worked with children from Reception to College Level. (4 yrs -18yrs).

I have two children, one of whom has dyspraxic tendencies. I know what it is like to see my child struggle and not understand why. In my search to find solutions for him (not simply coping strategies), I found Rhythmic Movement Training. It literally changed his life and ours as a family. Learning about the impact of retained reflexes helped me to understand the root causes of his difficulties and enabled us to change the impact they had on him, in a natural, drug free way. The daily programme was quick and easy to do.

I had tried the usual routes, GP, Paediatrician, OTs, extra lessons, Brain Gym interventions and so on. However, it was only when I found an OT practice that included working on Retained Reflexes, that I started to find real answers to my many questions about his struggles. It made me wonder about all the children who I had taught over 20 years, who struggled, no matter what I tried to do to help them move forward. So, I did my research, retrained, and now specialise in Rhythmic Movement Training.

I am a registered consultant and instructor in this therapy. My passion to help as many people as I can and get the message out there is what drives me.

If there is a problem, there is a reason. Reflex Integration can be part of the solution.

Reflex Integration, as an intervention, is a simple and effective addition to finding the solution. As a therapy, it has been shown to ensure that remedial interventions are more effective. This is because reflexes are the foundation blocks on which our brains develop and they need to develop properly, in order for the brain to work effortlessly.