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Gaynor Ralls - Neurodevelopmental therapist

About Gaynor Ralls

I am Gaynor Ralls, an educational therapist, based in Woking, Surrey. As a qualified teacher, with 20 years teaching experience I’ve worked with children from Reception to College (4 years to 18).

I know what it is like to try and help students who are struggling to make progress with their learning. More of the same of what they couldn’t do, didn’t really help, much.

WHY were they struggling?

Was there another way?

Finding the world of retained reflexes, understanding their impact and working with their integration, naturally, has answered so many questions for me as a professional and as a parent. I love helping others to reach their true potential naturally.

  • Anxiety/Depression/Emotional regulation
  • Academic success
  • Focus/Attention
  • Learning to read and write
  • Postural instability, physical control/coordination
  • Sensory Processing difficulties
  • Speech and Language
  • Sports improvement

A small example of conditions I have worked with include:

  • ASD
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia
  • T21
  • Developmental trauma
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Rhythmic Movement Training

What could be at the root of those challenges? And can they be changed? Our brains are AMAZING and can be changed, with the right stimulation.

How we can help you

Are you frustrated with trying to find appropriate support for your child – or yourself, that honestly makes a positive difference? Are things not really changing for the better? Through the use of Rhythmic Movement Training can help improve the following:







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Become a qualified RMTi consultant

Thinking about becoming a RMTi consultant? I offer training for L1 and L2 RMTi, RMTi for School Readiness, and RMTi Rhythm, Movement and Play. Other RMTi courses coming soon.


I have to say I am thrilled with the RMT sessions that my son has attended, Gaynor really is fantastic. My son had a bit of a "tick" he was throwing back his head and blinking repeatedly, Gaynor dealt with that in one session! We also had difficulty with writing and homework as he could NOT sit still to write. If he was to try to read a book he would be twisting on his seat and reading upside down and in all sorts of peculiar positions. He had a fiddle toy in Class assembly and couldn't stand up straight in a queue, he was always swaying from side to side or leaning on people or things. With the help of Gaynor and the exercises that she gives him he now has none of those issues and he is able to concentrate on learning and it has really helped so much. He's so much more aware now of how he feels and has so much more confidence, I can't recommend her enough.

Di Braid

Gaynor is a wonderful person and practitioner. She is so knowledgable and applies her knowledge in a caring and person centred way. We have noticed significant maturing and growth through RMT which cannot be simply explained by age and normal development. My Son recently went up 3 levels in school in 1 term in writing. He struggles with maths and after the first month of doing RMT he could see the patterns and recall facts which he could not before. He has matured in ways which have helped his relationships with peers and lessened less socially unacceptable traits ! The development issues which we or school just could not tackle and which caused my Son frustration are diminishing and we look forward to continuing our RMT journey. Thank you Gaynor .

Anna Chris

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